For the Love of You: Pacific Vista Ranch Book 3


Gabriel DuVernay’s soccer career causes unending drama with his father, who expects Gabriel to take over the family’s winery so he can retire. Gabriel’s talent on the field nets him the biggest payout on record to transfer to the LA Galaxy, a move he’s thrilled with as it means he’ll be living close to Dylan McNeill, a redheaded American beauty he had a one night stand with the summer before and has been unable to forget. When an accident occurs ending Gabriel’s career in spectacular fashion, Gabriel’s mother suggests they fake an engagement in order to give him time to come to terms with his injury and get his father off his back. In exchange, she’ll help get Dylan’s paintings out into the art world. The only question is, what happens when the make-believe becomes real?

Dylan and Gabriel make an interesting couple. However, the plotline is pretty predictable. Dylan is the daughter of Hollywood royalty and avoids the spotlight like the plague because of past family trauma which is never fully explained. Gabriel, on the other hand, thrives in it. The swoon-worthy Frenchman will thrill any reader, and the accident and pain he suffers will tug at readers’ heartstrings. Dylan is a runner and doesn’t do well when emotions become strong or things get difficult. It gets a little irritating as she flees situations instead of being a grownup and talking things out. The timeline is also a little confusing in a couple of places, and the ending is quite abrupt and feels somewhat anticlimactic. The secondary characters add extra dimension to the tale. A fun read for a quiet afternoon.

 Katy Nielsen