Love on the Winter Steppes


Qara Whitaker loves her job, despite the endless hours. She’s on the verge of a promotion when her grandmother surprises her with a trip to Mongolia to visit their family. Unable to say no, she packs her laptop and boards a plane in the hopes of learning more about her heritage – in between working. She never expects that a shared cab ride would change everything. Benjamin Lacoy is facing serious writer’s block, and a last-minute trip to Mongolia seems like it might be the answer. Meeting a beautiful and intelligent woman who calls to his heart and might be his muse helps, but Qara is often distracted by work, and he’s long since promised to never let work come before family and friends. Although opposites attract, Qara and Benjamin have only a few days in Mongolia to sort out their feelings before they run out of time.

A light contemporary romance that could easily become a Hallmark movie, this story features an exotic location and culture from the perspective of a workaholic and a free-spirit. The plot itself is split between the romance between Qara and Benjamin, and the need for balance in life. The emotions the characters feel is very vivid, and readers will easily find themselves agreeing or disagreeing with the character’s perspectives on what to prioritize. At the same time, the plot is fairly standard with an obvious ending and the conflict is easily resolved. Still, the romance itself is a clear draw with instant sparks between the main characters, only made more entertaining by the loving meddling from Qara’s family. Overall, this book is a win for contemporary romance lovers!

Sarah E Bradley