Love in the Vineyard (Tavonesi #7)


Bet on seventeen. Natasha may not believe in chance, but the dreams she’d had of her mother’s advice, compel her to make the bet. After all, she doesn’t have much to lose. Her son, Tyler, is all that matters, so she’ll take the risk. It’s the last hope she has for a promising future for both of them. Ending up in a homeless shelter, though, wasn’t exactly what Natasha had in mind as an outcome.

Adrian Tavonesi hates riding on the coattails of his wealth. It’s made it impossible to find any real . . . substance to his life. His family legacy is more than money—it’s a responsibility. So when he meets an intriguing woman at a charity masquerade, he may have found the best of both worlds. 

Ms. Aares does it again! Her talent handily surpasses that of the average novelist, and her recipe for a consistently satisfying read makes her a go-to pick. Comparing her work to that of the average . . . is not even a contest. She’d win hands down. But comparing this book to some of her others, there were just a couple of quirks. In this book, the heroine was a smidge melodramatic at the tail end of things. Also, a late addition to the plot could have used either more spit and polish, or, perhaps, been left out entirely. Those elements aside, fans—and newbies alike—will enjoy “Love in the Vineyard.” Again, the writing is above and beyond, the story is rich and compelling, and an Aares is never a waste of time. 

Sofia St. Angeles