The Love Talisman: When Romance Turns Magic

Morgan K.

Ellie’s boyfriend isn’t exactly her dream come true but she has a good job, a cat who loves her, and a best friend that may have suddenly become obsessed with finding her soul mate. This is fine; Ellie can be a good friend and help her out.  Too bad a fairy godmother hasn’t helped Ellie herself find a soul mate. Or has she? Armed with a talisman her grandmother swears is magical, Ellie sets out to help her friend and maybe figure out her own love life as well.


The second book of “The Soul Mate” series, this story retells the events of the first book, this time from Ellie and Danny’s perspectives. Although the setting and general plot is the same, there are plenty of moments of hilarity, a bit of magic, and quite a bit of romantic fluff that will make a reader smile. Ellie’s interactions with her cat, Mr. Biggs, will thrill cat lovers (cue hatred of the ex-boyfriend); Danny with his geek-to-player story line makes the story, although the bit with the psycho blind date didn’t really seem necessary. This is a story of light romance with a ton of humor, a tiny bit of seriousness, and makes for a great lazy afternoon read.


Sarah E. Bradley