Love in Sight


“Love in Sight” by Holly Gilliat is a contemporary romance set in a US city. Jason is a blind teacher who bumps into Heather in a master’s level education class. Even though he’s charming, handsome and independent, he feels like he has nothing to offer a woman. Still, a tiny spark of hope propels him to ask Heather out for coffee.

Heather is fresh out of a demanding relationship and leery of romance. She thinks of Jason as "that blind guy in class". Having coffee together seems like such a little thing and nothing will come from it, because after all he’s blind, and not a serious prospect.

Jason demonstrates the hardships of being blind while Heather dithers about a romantic relationship with a blind man.

Author Gilliat demonstrates the obstacles to being blind from navigating a room to finding objects in the fridge. It is courageous to feature a blind hero, especially one who struggles with accepting help. Gilliat writes in such a tight, concise style it feels as if Jason is speaking. The tale bogs down with Heather, who is very indecisive about the relationship. It makes her a little less likable as an overall character to the extent that her intentions appear questionable at the end.

Morgan Stamm