Love Overboard

Rachelle Paige

Caitlyn has a ticket for an Alaskan cruise that she cannot wait to take. Unfortunately, her ex-fiancé Adam also has a ticket. He can’t wait to take the cruise either — with his new wife. Rather than give up their half of the room, both choose to fight it out until the other one caves in. Caitlyn refuses to be that one, and fakes amnesia to gain the sympathies of the crew. Instantly, she has the attention of cruise director Greg. Ship rules state he can’t get involved with any passengers. Can they make it through the trip without giving in?

“Love Overboard” is a fun, character driven contemporary romance, and a great escape! The journey Caitlyn and Greg take to find one another is perfectly paced to the setting of the story. For some, because there isn’t a lot of action, the story might be a bit too slow. Most will appreciate this pacing and find it refreshing. There are also some questionable actions made by Adam, the ex, which might frustrate readers. However, some of what makes this a great read is the way the characters are so diverse in personality. It is character development at its finest, and a nice change in a familiar genre. The read is light and fun, full of warmth and humor, a wonderful sweet romance.

Highly recommended for any reader looking for a getaway!

Chelsea Andersen