Love on the Nile


Natasha heads off on an exciting holiday to Egypt with her brother. She cannot wait to see the sites and see the beauty that is Egypt. On a cruise of the Nile she meets archaeologist Kyle Richardson — who is not the most polite or social of men. Natasha takes an instant dislike to him but there's something about him she can't seem to shake. As she gets to know him better, she finds herself falling for him. Kyle Richardson is a lone wolf of sorts; he's lost everyone close to him and has no intentions of giving into his feelings for the lovely Natasha. But the more time he spends with her, the more attracted he becomes to her. Can they overcome their obstacles and find love?

Ellie Gray has written a tender but sassy romance set in the beautiful surroundings of Egypt. Her setting descriptions are so vivid that readers will feel the sand under their feet! Kyle and Natasha are polar opposites but they fit well together; their dialogue is one of the best aspects of the novel. There are the standard secondary characters that usually populate romance novels — those who are there to help the lovers and those whose purpose is solely to keep them apart. By no means does the use of typical character devices detract from the story, however, and contemporary romance fans will gobble up this exotic trip down the Nile! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick