Love on Mimosa Lane


Kristen Hemmings know she shouldn’t be feeling like this. She has no business feeling fluttery around Law Beaumont – his ex-wife is a harpy doing everything in her power to destroy his life, she is the assistant principal at his daughter’s school, and he is just one painful mess. But she simply can’t help but meddle – there is this lost young boy whose only redemption might be soccer, and Law just happens to be a coach, not to mention that he could spend more time bonding with his daughter over football. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and not the least consequence is the fact that she’s falling for him.


This is a feel-good small-town romance! Law is an amazing character – a gentle and loving man hiding behind a tough façade. He is also hiding from a plethora of issues which would make him a bad bet for any woman, and yet Kristen doesn’t hesitate when she realizes he is just as fascinated by her as she is by him.  Her patience is incredible – and most impressively, she is willing to fight for Law, even when everything and everyone seems to be set against them.  Sometimes Law’s issues were overwhelming and frustratingly as he avoids dealing with them, though. Even the secondary characters, Chloe (Law’s daughter) and Fin (the troubled boy)  shine brightly, especially  in the way their friendship develops. Also, the portrayal of small-town living seems realistic – it didn’t just showcase the good parts, but allowed for the not-so- good as well. All in all, a warm story filled with great characters!

Ana Smith