Love Me Like You Do


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Parker is ready to marry her longtime boyfriend and is in the dress at the church when he confesses he’s not ready. Fleeing the heartbreak and embarrassment, Parker nearly collides with a car when a handsome stranger pushes her out of the way and upends her life for the second time in one day. When Liam agreed to a blind date, he didn’t expect to end up with a bride at the emergency room, but attracted to her fiery personality and beautiful smile, he finds himself unable to forget her. As life brings them together, Parker finds herself falling for Liam’s southern drawl, dreamy eyes and honest feelings, but is she actually in love or is she simply on the rebound? While their friends and families feel Parker and Liam are fated, it will take more than a few meetings to convince them of serendipity.

An awkward beginning turns into a fateful romance in this contemporary tale full of humor, steady romance, and minor drama and conflict. Fans of contemporary will enjoy the multiple minor plot threads around Parker’s ex, Liam’s father, Parker’s mother, and Liam’s matchmaking friends, all of which tie into Parker and Liam’s romance and creates a solid story. Although the plot is not unique, the characters are well drawn. This, combined with a few smile-worthy moments, propels the story forward, giving readers plenty to enjoy in this relatable contemporary read!

Sarah E Bradley