Love on the Line


SPORTS:  Cara Barrington loves the life she has created in the small community outside San Francisco.  But Cara holds a secret.  She is not really the quiet, sweet middle-school bus driver people think she is.  She is really a billionaire heiress escaping the pampered but stifling life that threatened to drown her.  

Ryan Rae is a hot-shot major league baseball player with money and women galore.  Still, he has been burned one too many times and yearns for a quieter life, so buys a ranch in the small community in order to settle down.  It doesn’t take long before Cara catches his eye and the cute little bus driver soon becomes the reason for his happiness... until the secrets she holds threaten to destroy the very basis of his love for her.

For anyone who enjoys a great sports romance, few can do it better than Ms. Aares!  The world of baseball comes alive in a very realistic and believable way.  In this installment, however, Cara’s character is a hard one to like or relate to.  Her desire to live a quiet life is understandable but the extent to which she refuses to acknowledge anything and the decisions she makes because of it just don't make sense.  It also makes it hard for readers to connect with the romance.  We see Ryan falling for her but are left wondering why.  However, the writing is done well enough that one wants to keep reading and the climatic ending when she confesses all is well worth investing the happy sigh time to achieve!

Ruth Lynn Ritter