Love Like Krazy


It will soon be the wedding of Greg Matthews and Anne MacGregor but when Anne's maid of honor and best friend, Kit Conner arrives, all hell breaks loose.  Shortly after meeting Greg's brother and best man, Ben Matthews, sparks begin to fly and quickly turn into flames.  Now a successful author and no longer that eccentric trailer park girl,  Kit must face her past, her insecurities and secrets that are better swept under the rug. She quickly falls into old destructive habits and drags everyone close to her on the roller coaster ride of her life.  She hurts those she loves and must find a way to mend not only her relationships but her broken heart, and realize her self worth before she can truly heal, love, and be loved.
In this story, Kit comes across as a country/rock-and-roll, tough love kind of gal.  The friction between her and Ben is immediate. Her appeal unfortunately declines from there. While the  character’s terrible childhood causes the reader to feel for her in both emotions and psyche, she   begins a very destructive path that includes not only treating those who love her badly, but physical abuse against them. It is reminiscent of a rebellious adolescent and shows she hasn't matured much since leaving the trailer park. Ultimately, she lets everyone down - including the reader - making it very hard to gain respect or sympathize..  Unfortunately Ben, a wonderful character, gets caught in the crossfire. One hopes he will realize at some point she isn't worth the drama and heartache.  He can do better.  It is a testament to this author’s writing ability that one can dislike a character enough to finish a book feeling emotionally cheated and wishing the hero a better life.   
Margaret Faria