Love is a Filing Cabinet


Minn Evans is on her way to a job interview when all that can go wrong does and she lands on a stranger in the elevator after a trip and fall. Needless to say she does not make her interview appointment time and does not get the job she is hoping for. However as fate would have it, the man who came to her aid that morning is a messy art director at the television studio in need of organization that Minn can deliver. Her sister Conn is one that somehow always lands on her feet without trying very hard. She lands the job and a relationship with the boss. Their parents are radical protesting hippies, and when their father has a health scare, it’s Minn to the rescue. She recruits Conn and their mother too. It’s all hands on deck to get dad back on track.

“Love is a Filing Cabinet” is a clever story that takes some twists and turns and brings readers along for the wild ride. The characters are a dynamic bunch that ranges from calm, cool, and collected, to the zaniest wild child, and much in between. The situations that arise from helping out parents are endearing and Ms. Kern shows how some can recreate and teach some old dogs new tricks. This is clever writing, however annoying the sisters are, and the chaos the family leaves in their wake is curious and somewhat far-fetched. The romantic relationships and the changes amongst them seem pretty predictable. Nevertheless, this is a feel-good story to distract readers from the real life issues many face daily.

Viola Robbins