Love at the Electric (A Port Bristol Novel Book 1)


A reunion with an ex-boyfriend has attorney Lillian Walker tied up in knots. Richard “Rik” Bryant, also an attorney, did Lillian wrong back in college. He insisted their relationship be kept a secret. And why? He ended it by announcing his engagement—to somebody else. Now, years later, he’s separated from his wife and discovers Lillian is in town.

Although Lillian isn’t sure she can ever forgive the pompous creep, she can’t extinguish that tiny ember of hope. Little does she know what Rik really wants: to use her—again—to make his wife jealous. He drags along his client-friend, Sam Owens, to help him escape if Lillian’s social media profile pics don’t match the lady in the flesh. But flames erupt when Lillian and Sam lock gazes and then discover they both have a penchant for old horror flicks. 

Right from the opening pages, this story grabs hold of the reader’s heart. We feel Lillian’s angst as she struggles to decide how to dress for the big reunion, waffling between sexy and frumpy. We’re worried for her when we discover Rik’s real motive. Then we meet gorgeous Sam, although he’s a man who’s turned avoiding commitment into an art form. One worries Lillian is headed for heartbreak once again. But Lillian grabs hold of Sam’s heart, bringing him to his knees. Sizzling hot sex scenes are laced with touches of clever humor—“The moan button. He pressed it. She moaned. Repeat.” Holiday romances often tend toward the cliché—but not “Love at the Electric.” Its unique premise and wonderful cast of characters make for a true holiday treasure!

FS Brown