Love is in the Books (The Page Turner Series)


Iris knows what she wants and goes for it.  And she wants hot steamy sex with no strings attached. When she meets Richard at a bar, her hookup turns into a relationship. Richard is from England, and while he is the perfect boyfriend, he is very hesitant to share much about his family. The opportunity to travel to England and meet his family is just the thing that will keep this relationship progressing. Unfortunately, as the trip gets closer, Iris begins to suspect that Richard isn’t just hesitant to share but hiding something. When they arrive in England, she is shocked to find out her instincts were right. What Richard left out could change everything, and wild-child Iris isn’t sure if she should fight for love or run for home.

Iris is a fun-loving, independent woman, wild with energy. Richard is a dependable professor who calms Iris down and helps her to enjoy the quiet pleasures, like cuddling. The passion between Iris and Richard sparks fast and furious but is missing in much of the book. The jump in time between chapter one and chapter two—a month and three weeks—fast forwards over much of the building of Iris and Richard’s relationship. Iris’ dad’s string of relationships has left Iris with an unhealthy view of love. When the couple’s journey to England confirms Iris’ suspicions that he has been hiding something, she is ready to bail on the relationship almost immediately. Her constant insecurity and unhealthy views make her a hard heroine to root for. Despite its shortcomings, “Love is in the Books” is a fun, quick read perfect for a vacation or trip.

Cara Cieslak