Love in Bloom (Book 3)


Lakr has been home away from home for Camille. She created her own cosmetic company using all-natural botanicals and is working on her latest concoction. Suddenly she collapses. She is overworking herself, living on fish and chips and not getting enough rest. Camille is ordered to take a leave of absence or she may not return to work. The French Rivera resort ought to be just the ticket to get some R & R, but he gets bored early on in her hiatus. As luck would have it, an old college friend, Tristen, is also staying at the resort. Now she has a partner in crime. There is an exclusive tour for married couples only, she’s always dreamed of it. Tristan is delighted to gift it to her and pose as her husband.  Will others learn of their (many) secrets?

Ms. Swinton takes one to the lovely gardens and chateaus of France all with her beautiful words. Her depictions of the gardens and flowers are intoxicating! The long-lost college friend is a delightful addition to the respite Camille has been sent on. The way the two get along is fantastic but also feels a bit brisk. The turmoil in Tristen’s past and how it plays throughout their tour seems suspect, but all pulls together. They have a whirlwind of a trip and then return to the real world where their lives are in different countries. Although this is part of a series, this story does stand on its own. The supporting characters and the alluring Camille should make readers pick up the others in “A Destination of Heart Romance” series.

Viola Robins