Love, Art, and Other Obstacles (The Book Nirvana Series 3)


Margot DuPont has been shunned by her family for her bisexuality. She has enough on her plate with work and an art competition she is determined to win. When she meets fellow competitor Elmer Bryne, feelings start to fly around with witless abandon. Elmer Bryne wants a big family. Having grown up as a foster child, he yearns to have in adulthood what he didn't have as a child. When he meets Margot, he finds the missing piece to his heart. They are thrown together in competition with one another, and it soon becomes apparent that art isn't the only thing they have in common. Will their feelings be able to cope with the competitiveness? 

“Love, Art, and Other Obstacles” is an interesting story of two talented artists who are desperate to win a competition where there can be only one winner. There is a lot of sexual tension between Margot and Elmer, and this adds a sense of heat to the story as well as there being a lot of fun dialogue. A little more depth to the characters would have really brought this book home, but the writing and descriptions are well done and readers will enjoy the passion and love scenes. All in all, this is a fun read for the summer and one that shouldn't be missed. A sexy addition to “The Book Nirvana Series”. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick