Is This Love?


Jed Cassius left his home to complete his duty and fulfill his father’s dying wish. Don Cassius left him with a difficult message long overdue to pass on to old neighbors and friends in the village where they'd once lived. When Jed re-enters Tamara's life, it's as the bearer of bad news. 


Tamara Rix lives a different life than the one she dreamed of as a child. Her older sister Lyddie's life changing accident has caused Tamara to evaluate everything she does on how it will impact Lyddie and her parents. When Jed shares his news, it digs at old wounds and shocks the family. Tamara struggles to balance old feelings of friendship with this new knowledge. Her love for her sister outshines any love in her current life, including her long term boyfriend Max. Jed's timing and other events weigh heavy on Tamara's mind and adds the final touch to end things with Max.


As Tamara and Jed draw closer, readers are drawn into life in the English town of Middledip. The portrayal of childlike Lyddie due to severe brain trauma is spot on. Her secondary character adds an emotional element to a story that tugs at the heartstrings.  The lack of sensual sex scenes between the main characters makes this a sweet read. The author takes a softer approach to physical love and uses the plot to further the emotional relationship between the hero and the heroine. The novel itself was longer than necessary due to the eventual ease that developed between Jed and Tamara.  Still, this is a romance that will linger in a reader's mind, long after they've finished reading.


Michelle Howard