Losing Us

Davidson Marlow

What happens when a woman learns she’s finally pregnant after years of trying, catches her husband in a compromising position, and is told she’s adopted, all in the course of a few hours? Devastated, Olivia Carson flees her home and travels to Key West to visit her aunt, an eccentric former television and movie star. Meanwhile, Daniel, the cheating husband has to come to grips with the fact that he’s a cad of the lowest order. He needs to find his wife, beg her forgiveness, and plead for reconciliation. However, he doesn’t get the chance. It isn’t until Olivia returns home for a family emergency, that Daniel finds out he’s going to be a father. Can the two of them work out their differences and rediscover the love they once shared?

‘Losing Us’ is a heart-wrenching look at loss, infidelity, and family secrets. Yet, at the same time, it is uplifting, poignant and meaningful. The extraordinary cast of supporting characters adds to a story that is already engaging and emotionally entertaining. After suffering a loss early in their marriage, Olivia and Daniel Carson have grown apart. Their lovemaking has been one of function, rather than passion, all with the hope of having a child. Unfortunately, by the time Livy discovers they’ve succeeded, Daniel has taken a mistress for pleasure. He loves his wife, but desires another. A tragedy brings them back together, and the realization that he’s going to be a father strengthens Daniel’s resolve for reconciliation. The author tells a beautiful story of a woman’s strength in the face of heartbreak, and allows us to come along for the ride.

N.E. Kelley