Losing Control: Mick’s Story (Love in Control # 3)


Six years after Mick’s wife, Annie, passed away and started having chats with him from beyond the grave, she decides it’s time for a change. While the ghostly chats helped ease the pain, Mick is still stuck in despair that Annie knows only a new love can help heal, and more importantly it’s beyond time for the both of them to move on. Enter Maggie, a sassy redhead with a spirit that is as wildly beautiful as the pottery she makes. Maggie hasn’t trusted men since her tragic miscarriage and the events that took place after, and she’s determined to keep serious relationships off of her to-do list. However, when the charming ex-marine enters her life, she can’t seem to shake the need to get to know him much better.

Losing Control” brings the heartwarming qualities of a romance that heals two hearts to new heights, as it shows that new love and passion can happen no matter what age a person is. The true beauty of this book shows in how the characters’ love overcomes everything, even the separation of the grave. However, the way in which the characters feel about cursing, their fashion sense, and an overall aesthetic of the world gives the story a 1950’s feel, making it hard for the reader to remember that it’s supposed to be present time. A miscarriage is also present in the book that may be triggering to some readers and becomes confusing as the entire subplot is filled with misinformation and serious inaccuracies. With a more accurate time period representation, and more thorough and accurate medical research, this story could be one to remember.

Annalee Stilove