Losing Control: Mick’s Story (Love in Control # 3)


Widower Mick Mullarney hasn’t been in a relationship since his wife passed away. Losing her was difficult enough, but he has been plagued with a feeling of guilt about becoming involved with another woman. When he hears her telling him it’s time to move on, he is somewhat skeptical - that is until he meets Maggie McDonald. She’s fiery, stubborn and Mick likes her. Their meeting isn’t exactly what someone would call romantic, and Maggie isn’t too warm towards Mick. As they get to know one another, Maggie works hard to ensure that Mick doesn’t find out the secret she has been keeping for years. The only creature that Maggie confides in is the rescue dog she takes in, Princess. Will Maggie be able to confide in Mick and trust him with her heart? And will Mick take his dead wife’s advice and find happiness?

“Losing Control: Mick’s Story” is a sweet story with fun characters, and the plot moves at an even pace. However, the book requires some serious editing. There are numerous mistakes that confuse and make the story come to a grinding halt. There are instances where backtracking is required in order to check for clarification on what is going on. Confusion with the names is also a huge issue, and once again takes away from the flow of the book. With more editing and the mistakes being corrected, this book could be a great read for a cold winter’s night. Morgan Malone has some good ideas for a love story and has a lot of potential.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick