Locke and Load (Dangerous Curves #2)


MILITARY:  The last time Nicole Locke saw the love of her life, she was forced to forsake him to keep him alive. But when the Governor of Florida turns to the Knight Agency to investigate both a murder as well as an anthrax attack, she finds herself directly by the side of her old flame. Cage Burnett is more than surprised when his two-timing ex-fiancée is assigned to aid in finding his late partner’s assailant. When the two stumble upon a connection between the two events they are forced into hiding for their own safety. While confined in close quarters old sparks ignite, until Nikki’s past infiltrates her present and once again she finds herself responsible for Cage’s life.  


From the first chapter, readers will find strong and courageous characters in this fast paced, edge-of-your-seat read! A reader can be assured of a successful standalone in this second installment as the author has skillfully crafted Nikki and Cage’s previous relationship in such a way that one does not feel lacking in the information about their dynamic histories. Additionally, this lends to a tense buildup of sexual chemistry that ends in an explosion of fireworks and desire! While some may find Nikki’s reasons for previously leaving Cage honorable and selfless, others may find the conflict to be tiresome, and lacking in originality. However, Ms. Michaels knows how to present a generous and well-balanced mix of domestic terrorism, strain, and sizzling heat!


Stephanie Lodes