A Lockdown Love Affair

Kirsten S.

Thanks to a global pandemic and the subsequent city-wide lockdown, Ben’s whole life has been put on hold. As if that were not enough, there is a tantalizing stranger on a nearby rooftop, and he cannot stop thinking of her. Penelope is shocked to learn about the lockdown in the middle of sorting through her grandparents’ estate. Convinced a little sunshine and TLC can fix almost anything, she tries to embrace her time in isolation and tend to her rooftop garden. Unfortunately, she never expected for the grump next door to ruin her solitude. Social distancing may suck, but as the days stretch on, the startling realization unfolds that some people are worth the risk.

A short romantic story, “A Lockdown Love Affair” is a must-read that is perfect for the pandemic. Sometimes uncomfortable in its stark portrayal, the novel can either be a hopeful distraction or an anxious reminder of the world currently around us. Ms. Blacketer never shies away from flawed characters, allowing for realistic yet vastly different leads who are as interesting as they are relatable. Penelope is impossible to dislike, coming off as a ray of sunshine without ever feeling naive or silly. With a talent for developing plot as well, the author expertly weaves a story that, although sometimes difficult to read, is a blend of humor, romance, and drama. While Ben and Penelope’s story is a complete, if not satisfying one, the surprise at the end leaves the readers begging for the next installment. 

Arec Rain