Live, Love, Repeat


After the death of his father, Trevor Palmer quickly found he wasn’t cut out for running the family business. After selling the business he is given a journal belonging to his great-grandfather, describing the location of an old copper mine. During his quest to find the mine, tragedy strikes and he loses not only the use of his legs, but also Porsche, his girlfriend. Mercedes, Porsche’s twin sister, has just graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy and is trying to make a name for herself in her field. She is assigned as Trevor’s therapist and soon the two are thrust together. Mercedes finds herself having to decide between her professionalism and keeping her dream job, or allowing herself to fall for Trevor. 


Ms. Gonzales writes a beautiful and uplifting story that, unfortunately, is bogged down with mechanical errors, making it a difficult read. Much of the story is told through dialogue and is lacking in descriptive writing. The point of view changes frequently, sometimes within the same paragraph, making it hard to discern whose thoughts belong to whom, as well as poorly connected scenes with little segue. Despite these difficulties, Ms. Gonzales still succeeds in painting a rich and  heartwarming tale of triumph over tragedy.


Molly Daniels