Little White Lies


Attorney Madalyn Russell needs a hiatus from the scandal created when she left her high-profile fiancé standing at the altar, so she decides to go on the Caribbean cruise they had booked for their honeymoon. Shes slated to sit at the newlywed table but needs a husband to save her from embarrassment. Royce Spencer, on the cruise for a much-needed rest from work, is Madalyns sexy neighbor in the stateroom next door and more than willing to play the part in exchange for companionship during the cruise. However, the little white lies become more than they bargained for when the lines blur between pretense and reality. 


The backdrop for the majority of this lively romantic story is a Caribbean cruise with vivid descriptions of the food, activities, and fun available on a cruise ship. However, this backdrop does not steal the spotlight from the main characters that are engaging and lovable. Royces sexy, dashing personality is just what Madalyn, goody two- shoes, needs for a different perspective on life. The story line is choppy at times with many secondary characters to keep track of, and some of their dialogue is on the immature side. In addition, a couple of issues were left unresolved, which leaves the reader hanging. 


Despite these minor issues, this is a fun read with elements of friendship, love, family, sizzling chemistry, steamy sex, and humor. It holds the readers attention from the beginning to the end and readers of all genres will find this book delightful and entertaining!


Janna Shay