Lion Dancing for Love


Caitlyn Summers travels to small-town Willow Springs to help her good friend with an annual ball and to shake off the last of the painful memories after ending a bad relationship a year previously. Then her path crosses that of a widower, and town hunk, Corey Duncan. Corey believed he’d never recover from the death of his wife, Annie, five years ago. But Caitlyn’s vibrant passion turns his impeccably controlled life on its head. The embers of passion ignite and soon both Corey and Caitlyn must face and make peace with their past hurts before they can confront the love brewing between them.

This special romance will grip readers from the opening paragraph. “Lion Dancing for Love” delivers small-town America at its sweetest and steamiest. The author traverses the path of a multi-cultural romance with class and integrity to bring readers a well-written book. The lion dance, for instance, was enchanting and well-researched. At times, the reader may feel a little lost regarding who is speaking since the dialogue tags can be a little confusing. That slight flaw aside, however, Ms. Boon’s book is an easy and delicious read all around. The hero’s loss feels surreal and truly touches grief and loss of a devastating disease suffered by many. One cannot help but fall deeply in love with characters, scenes and beautiful Vermont. Imagery rich enough to draw readers in so deeply they may never want to leave. A most indulgent and satisfying happily ever after!

Cecilia Robins