Lincoln: The Bounty Hunters, Book 2


For Lincoln, nothing beats the pleasure of successfully bringing in one of his bounties, but picking up one guy at his place of employment seems too easy.  The bounty is readily handed over, but when Lincoln delivers the bounty to the police station, he learns just how big the operation he’s now involved in is and that Skye Sommers might be involved as well. Determined to find the truth and wheedle some information from Skye, he asks her on a date but is surprised when she refuses. Skye decides to show Lincoln how chaotic her life is and quickly finds herself the witness to a homicide on her parents’ farm. Now, they both must learn how to work together to protect her and her family, while bringing down a large criminal ring.

An ideal book to read snuggled up in a cozy blanket with a mug of hot chocolate as the story creates the perfect dream of being saved and loved by pure masculinity! The way everything shakes out is fairly predictable, but the sharply written prose will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The characters truly become friends the longer one sits with them, which makes it disappointing that their growth and development aren’t as pronounced as they could be. There is also a little confusion regarding plot holes, and some story lines seem to only be placed for convenience sake, making them feel awkward and contrived. However, if being associated with nefarious families always ended this steamily and happily, every single person would place themselves at the mercy of crime syndicate households.

Yannie Sorensen