Lily (Sorority Sisters Duet #2)

Laura Lee

Lily Baron is one of the most successful event planners in Atlanta, and has earned the ability to pick and choose her clients; but when her best friend’s older brother challenges her ability to plan his baby sister’s wedding, Lily can’t help but want to meet and surpass his expectations. Eric Worth wants to make sure his sister has a perfect wedding, especially since their mother is kicking up a fuss about the groom. He’s certain Lily is just using his sister to launch her own career, but as Lily proves him wrong sparks fly between them - despite Lily’s insistence that she’s not interested.  Eric is determined to win Lily over but can he do it before the "I dos" are done and Lily moves on?


A sweet and clean contemporary romance, “Lily” is the second book in the “Sorority Sister’s Duet” series. The story involves two independent main characters, with a medium-sized cast of side characters bringing more depth to the story. Lily is actually dating a nice guy she likes at the beginning of the story, and thus the love triangle starts off differently than most in that Eric has to win her away from an existing positive relationship, which could turn some readers off. However, despite the minimal conflict and slow pace the romance between Lily and Eric builds steadily through a series of creative dates that will leave any reader sighing in contentment, making this a great read for any contemporary fan.


Sarah E. Bradley