Lila’s Choice


Everybody knows that Lila and Nate belong together. Everybody, that is, except the two of them. Lila sees Nate as a good friend, so when her childhood friend Bryce shows up, she cheerfully starts dating him. 


Nate is still not divorced from his wife. Theyve been separated for years, but somehow they never really took that last step. Hes ready to move on, he really is. He is also in love with Lila. But she never seems to notice his regard. Its better that way. Safer.

Luckily for them, they have loyal friends willing to do anything they can to bring Lila and Nate together. But will that be enough?


A funny and ultimately a romantic story! Nate is so wounded by his marriage, that he couldnt face the possibility of rejection. Lila, who never saw Nate as anything more than a friend, slowly came to realize what he means to her. While they do make compelling leads, what makes the book strong are the various relationships. Lila, Nate, Ette and Kent have such a strong and beautiful friendship.  But for all their best intentions, some of the scheming crossed the line (especially when they involved students thats just unprofessional). Admittedly, that did lead to some hilarious situations.  All in all, a sweet romance that shows the value of having good friends!


Ana Smith