Lights Cameras Holidays (Finding New Hope Book 3)

Rachelle Paige

Kara Kensington is an actress who is filming in New Hope, Wisconsin for the holidays. Striking out on her own, she has everything riding on this project, including salvaging her friendship with her former best friend Dani. When Dani assumes the cute chef, Scott Neil, is Kara’s boyfriend, Kara agrees and creates a fake relationship with Scott to serve as a buffer between her and Dani. Scott, who met Kara on the plane ride to New Hope, agrees. But as the holidays get closer and they spend more time together the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur.

Kara and Scott have an instant spark that burns and smolders. The back story to Dani and Kara’s friction is slow to surface. While “Lights Cameras Holidays” can be read as a standalone novel, it would be better read in the order of the trilogy. A lot of Kara’s language can be grating, calling her friend “doll” all the time. Her flippant attitude, meant to protect her vulnerability, makes her come across as caustic at times.  As a main character she is hard to get to know. Kara and Scott’s relationship starts as a friendship turned into a fake relationship but as they spend more time together their honest friendship begins to feel more like a real relationship. With each of them wanting to pursue a real relationship they will have to be willing to be vulnerable and put their hearts on the line to make this fake relationship real. A sweet romantic read that will put your heart in the holiday mood.

Cara Cieslak