Life in the Moments

Laura Lee

Life is made up of moments and experiences; good, bad, wonderful, and terrible. When Beau and Amelia are confronted by one of the worst situations anyone could ever face, they must decide not only how to battle the cancer that now ravages Amelia’s body but how to overcome the mental strain as well. To preserve their marriage and Amelia’s life, they must draw on the past and remember how they got to where they are now. Will memories of the past give them the strength to fight or will this terrible moment shatter everything they’ve ever pursued for good?

A poignant contemporary story that feels like a slice of life tale or brief glimpse into the lives of Beau and Amelia. “Life in the Moments” is the kind of heart wrenching that should leave one in tears but somehow manages to convey the desperation of the situation without leaving the reader sobbing through the book. With an established relationship between Beau and Amelia from the beginning, the story nicely alternates between the present and the past as they draw on their memories to survive the present fight. Beau and Amelia are nicely written and the various side characters, though lacking depth, are perfectly arranged to move the story along. While this story isn’t original per se, and the ending is fairly predictable, those who like a bit of drama but happy endings will find this book worth reading!

Sarah E Bradley