In This Life


Running away from inner family drama, Anna Dillon drags her best friend Dante Leola with her to Thailand as relief workers.  Living with other aid workers from around the world she meets Jude Grayson and they spend ten glorious days together that changes their worlds forever.  Anna is shaken to her core when a family member passes away unexpectedly, leaving her heartbroken, full of guilt, and rushing back home. Sadly, Jude doesn’t follow through with his promise of contacting her when he returns to the states, leaving her devastated and unable to let go. Dante is her rock and protector and will become so much more in the following years.  Hidden secrets will rip her world apart once again, will she be able to find her one true love?

This international jet setting novel is filled with love lost and found.  Ms. Brae’s writing in and of itself is beautiful throughout. However, there are numerous scenes that are vague and unfinished, leaving one scratching one’s head. In this lover’s triangle, location specifics need to be more concise, where exactly is Anna, her apartment or Dante’s? One might also find some of the plot-points a bit unrealistic such as a man of God, giving in to temptation so quickly and using coarse language as easily as Jude does. While faith is heavily woven throughout the plots, readers may not find this truly uplifting. It is a heart rending journey through faith, morality, and love. One will find themselves praying for the deeply emotional characters and rooting for their happily ever after.

Jordyn Teel