Let Me Show You


LGBTQ, M/M:  Living the quiet life as the town veterinarian is everything that Dr. Carter Falon wants. Of course, he may be looking for something more, but pickings are slim. He gets a nice surprise when he finds himself in the hands of a gorgeous construction worker. Immediately, Carter decides to hire him for some renovations. Tanner Grady uprooted his life to help his best friend. He has been so focused on his work, however, that he needs some distraction, which he finds in the form of an adorable veterinarian. When he's hired to work on said vet’s house, he finds himself becoming more attracted to his latest client. Is love in the air for these two handsome guys?

Throw two very sexy men together and you're bound to get some fireworks. This is what Becca Seymour delivers in her novel. Carter and Tanner are opposites who are thrown together and make it work very well indeed. That being said, there are some parts of the book that are a little tiresome and where the plot could have been moved along quicker without taking much away from the book. However, there are several enjoyable moments and who doesn't love a book with a dog featuring as part of the storyline? “Let Me Show You” should definitely be on the list for those who enjoy LGBTQ romance as it will not disappoint. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick