Let It Be Me (Amarillo Sour Novel)


Leather jacket-clad Medieval and British history professor James Mitchell is in Lincoln, Nebraska. Too bad, he doesn’t want to be there, and is determined to get back home to England. Having moved for his girlfriend, and then having her abruptly leave him for another member of the staff, has left him bitter and self-destructing. His second book is on hold and the administration is a little tired of him playing Robin Hood instead of teaching. 

Ali Ferguson-Day has tried to blaze her own path, despite being mostly known for her mother and father’s successes. After leaving her job in California, she is back home in Lincoln and determined to live her life her way. There is one catch: her mother has hired her to get Professor Mitchell back on track and finish his book by his extended deadline. The perk of doing that will leave her with the perfect setup to begin the life she wants to live. Or will it?

Watch out for Laura Chapman! She is on a mission to be one of the best in the romance genre and with a book like this, she will be there sooner rather than later. This book will leave readers sighing in frustration and then laughing at Professor Mitchell’s antics to show everyone who is boss and cheering Ali’s wit along the way. As with most circumstances like this, it takes one person to see through the chaos and get to the heart of the matter and Ali just so happens to be that girl. Readers will love James and Ali’s story, and crave more from this author, especially her Amarillo Sour series. 

Alison Ellis