Let’s Begin Again (Pine Valley #7)

Heather B.

The seventh installment of the Pine Valley series welcome’s Maurie back to her hometown, where she is determined to begin anew.  With the success of her online business, Maurie decides to move back to Pine Valley and open up a physical store.  Everything seems to be falling into place for her until Grant knocks on her door in an answer to her remodeling needs.  Seeing Grant again reminds Maurie of a life she put behind her, and she wonders if having Grant work for her is the best way to move forward.  However, the more time she spends getting to know him again, she discovers that he too has hurts he is healing from, and maybe the two of them can help one another finally heal.

Ms. Moore weaves together a sweet romance, writing characters readers will relate to and root for.  Although it is the 7th book in the Pine Valley series, one does not need to have read any of the previous works to fully enjoy this lovely tale. Maurie, the girl with a tragic past, does not let what happened to her define who she can become.  She has come to terms with all that happened to her the last time in Pine Valley, and she has come out on the other side stronger.  Grant, the classic good guy, is willing to fight for what’s right no matter the cost.  The two together make for a swoon-worthy love story even if their love is rather instantaneous.  “Let’s Begin Again” welcomes readers into a small town and shows that one can come home again and find just what she is looking for.

Amy Cefoldo