Legacy of Ruby’s Ranch (Ruby's Ranch#3)


WESTERN:  Rube is living in the Oklahoma village where she has been raised. Although her dream is to move to California, where it is green and she can start a new life on her own horse ranch, that plan must wait. She is bound to Gabriel, another local, in an arranged marriage. However, her heart is not planning a life with Gabriel but another. 

Mackenzie Adams is a very handsome cowboy new to the area, and has an instant attraction to Rube. The family is not happy about the new relationship and Gabriel is truly upset with the new guy taking a liking to Rube. Can she uphold her family traditions and honor or will she break away and start a new life?

“Legacy of Ruby’s Ranch” is a great western romance that has a large paranormal contribution. This is a standalone, but readers who enjoy this story will most likely get more satisfaction from reading the first two books as well. There is a western theme to the story that intertwines with ancient guides that will keep readers entertained with suspense and heartbreak. Although the story is creative, some of the twists and occurrences are a bit obscure. The romance is a bit swift, and the tragedies will draw tears. The characters are endearing and charming. Ms. Frankhouser writes a great story and completes the tale with a dream come true and a family bond that readers will love!

Viola Robins