Legacy Discovered


After 16 years of marriage, Ali discovers her husband Ryan is not the man she thought he was. While leading a class action suit against a toxic industrial development by billionaire Charles Barnett, Ryan is revealed as the man’s only son Charles Jr., who faked his death near the Massachusetts coast. After assuming the legal identity of his college roommate, Charles Jr. has attempted to carry on the legacy his friend left behind while challenging the father he ran from years ago. Forced to confront the past, Ryan, Ali and their children must meet the family they didn’t know they had and discover what a legacy really means.  


A sweet, family-focused work of fiction with a hint of mystery. Ryan is driven to stop Charles Barnett’s company and as the story unfolds, the reader discovers that there is more than a simple familial discontent between father and lost son. Ali provides the perfect balance to her stubborn and defiant husband. A gentle caregiver and nurse, Ali adapts to the news of her husbands’ true identity with a poise many would envy, and guides him to fixing problems instead of allowing them to fester. Ryan’s teenage daughter Sue, acts as the focus for much of the development as family relationships are examined. As more of the past is revealed, the reader will be surprised to discover the true motivation behind the changing identity, and the true meaning of Ryan’s legacy. A great, feel-good read!


Sarah E Bradley