Learning to Love


Andrea Kelly has a lot going on.  A single mom, she is juggling living with her two teenagers, a toddler, her fiancé and a mother in the early stages of dementia.  She wants to open a vintage clothing store and is acquiring inventory while still teaching at the village elementary school. Her fiancé can't figure out why she needs to change her career and as a result things are a bit rocky.  


Widower Dr. David Adams has just moved in across the street from Andrea, looking to start over after the loss of his wife.  His ten year-old son Jake blames his father for her death, and things are a bit rocky in their house as well.   When a tragedy on the street brings Andrea and David together (and her entire family into his house),  things become even more complicated.  


Ms. Browne has a dynamic way of creating a character that warms the heart. The children steal the show and are front and center along with their mom, the heroine. There is serious subject matter that is handled delicately and with compassion. Some drama and suspense keep readers plugging along. The story had a few areas which were predictable and therefore slowed the pace down.  A few editing errors were discovered along the way, but all things considered it was a feel-good novel that deals with real world situations. "Learning to Love" is a warm, insightful book about strangers who become friends and the small town feel where others look out for one another is heartwarming.


Julie Caicco