Lead Him Not into Temptation (Redemption #2)

M. L.

Jen comes from a rich family, one that is more concerned with looks than with truth. Sent away to hide a pregnancy from an assault, she decides to walk away from her parents and live her own life on her own terms - with no permanence, and no deep feelings. Until she meets Casen. He’s the lead guitar player in an up-and-coming band she photographs for her best friend. Casen wants real, and permanent, and exposes her feelings, even as she pretends she has none. He’s determined to prove he’s worth it.


This is NOT a Christian story, despite the title. Jen is sexually independent, foul mouthed, brassy, and ball busting; yet all that harshness hides a deeply feeling woman who can’t get beyond the betrayal by her parents. Casen loves music, but really isn’t a rock god, though he’s good at feigning arrogance. Written, very well, in dueling first person between Jen and Casen, this story of boy meets girl, and wins girl over, is all about the emotions. Both have painful pasts, and more from Casen’s side is needed to meet Jen’s emotional depth, but both are searing anyway. Casen has an innate ability to crack through her concrete heart. The push and pull between them, with wonderful scenes of one-upping each other, is an emotional ride of fun, pain, hilarity, one line smack downs, and sadness. Casen’s unending patience is, at times, a tad hard to believe, yet readers will want him anyway. An emotional tale of growth, letting go, accepting, and loving that’s not pretty, but is pure.


Julie York