Lacy (The Doves of Primrose Book 1)


WESTERN:  Lacy Weston is running her family’s Nebraskan historic bed and breakfast and recovering from her cheating husband’s desertion and theft of all her money. She contracts for film producers to shoot a western at The Dove House starring former rodeo champion and Hollywood heartthrob Kyle McClintock—her first love. Lacy and Kyle shared a passionate, secret summer romance eight years ago that ended abruptly, leaving them both heartbroken. She’s so desperate for the money, however, she agrees and mostly doesn’t care that Kyle will be staying in her home.

Kendrick’s characterization is effective with relatable characters that, while not always particularly likable, do leap off the pages. Lacy is unpredictable, moody, snarky, and thoroughly frustrating because she can’t seem to make up her mind about who she wants to be and what she wants. Jaded, exhausted from working non-stop since leaving town, and lonely, Kyle never stopped loving Lacy and hopes that shooting his movie in their hometown might give them a second chance. Still smarting from their breakup, Lacy doesn’t make it easy.


While mostly engaging, the novel is a bit schizophrenic with uneven pacing, some editing issues, and a tone that fluctuates from a light-hearted, humorous, will they/won’t they small-town romance to angsty, darker romantic suspense with deeply emotional secrets and interactions between the characters. Although the mystery/suspense sub-plot is interesting with clues and hints throughout the story, the characters are unbelievably slow to catch on to them and act, making the novel’s climax feel rushed and anticlimactic.


Lacy Hill