Know Your Heart (Far North: Book 2)


Savannah Payne, the actress, is a star who has it all together. Savannah Davis, the woman, is a hot mess. Reeling from the end of her abusive marriage and the media fallout that has caused her flagging acting career to come to a screeching halt, Savannah returns to her home in Bounty Bay, New Zealand, only to find that her home is occupied by a grumpy (but hot friend) of her cousin. Seeking solitude to write his breakout noveland gain freedom from the clutches of corporate law at his fathers law firmGlen Cooper is none-too-happy when his landlord shows up on his doorstep, demanding that he vacate the premises. Knowing the rights of tenancy, (he is a lawyer, after all) Glen refuses to leave, starting a stalemate that proves to be a battle of wills and desire. Who will win in this battle of love and war? 

This delightfully breezy read will have readers reaching for all the books in this series! Savannah is a dynamic character full of spunk and very relatable. Glen is an interesting, multi-faceted character who is smart yet down-to-earth. While the pacing of the novel lags in a few small areas, and some readers may be put off by the very long chapters and questionable use of punctuation at times, the novel is an easy, sweet read. Together, Savannah and Glen make a beautiful couple, and will remind audiences of the best love stories. Readers will be sure to fall in love with these characters!

Mia Francis-Poulin