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Love at first sight is not something most people actually believe in. Sure, it makes for a fine story, but skeptics say that it takes time for love to grow. Anna Leyton, Interpol officer and a woman scarred by life, would probably agree with the skeptics...until she meets Freddie La Salle, and the world tilts off its axis. Even with a major case she is involved in, the possibilities are endless.
Freddie is enchanted by Anna. From the moment he saw her, he knew he wanted her for his own.  With his looks and charm, women are never hard to seduce, but Anna is truly special. He has a chance at the elusive happily ever after, and he’s going to do everything in his power to hold onto it.
An Interpol officer, a famous boxer and the lights of beautiful Paris – sounds like a foolproof recipe for romance. However, the book had some serious flaws.  Chief of which is Anna’s character- her unprofessional behavior and lack of honesty throughout the book.  As the book is being marketed as a passionate police romance novel, it chafes. The writing itself is also confusing at times, with points of view shifting within a single paragraph. More attention being paid to Anna and Freddie falling in love may have softened the shortcomings in believability. All in all, this novel has a promising storyline that could (with some changes) shine.
Ana Smith