Kissing on Third

Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connolly,
Sophia Summers

Baseball has given Levi Cox a purpose and a means of providing for his kid brother.  Since childhood, he has been his brother's protector, and as a consequence, he has a quick temper and a bad reputation. Finley Gray comes from a broken home and even though her father is loving and supportive, the gap left by her runaway mother has left its scars. Finley finds her outlet through boxing while building an impenetrable wall around her heart. Finley and Levi experience an immediate attraction. They both must face their hardest challenge: letting themselves love and be loved.

The theme of baseball is both refreshing and insightful! The heroine as a boxer is great, brilliant and empowering, as female main characters go. The author did well to match Levi and Finley’s personalities, giving them both strong and weak points. Bringing in the texting groups as a way of communication neatly lay the time line as a contemporary read. However, a thorough edit is needed. The author often repeated ideas and scenes felt inconsistent, breaking the reading rhythm. There were also typos, which after some time annoy a reader.

This is a clean, sweet read and a story that is enjoyable and will leave a reader feeling complete and satisfied. The characters are colorful and bold, the plot believable and filled with everyday life and its ups and downs.

Cecilia Robins.