Kissing Kendall (Maritime City #2)

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Kendall has been wallowing in self pity for way too long. She just didn’t know how to shake herself out of it - her parents died when she was young and her grandmother was always traveling. The worst, of course, was when her husband Jake was killed on the job.  That left her feeling totally alone and abandoned.  Her friends suggest that what she needs is to pursue her lifelong dream and open a bakery.

Brad Meyer was once one of Kendall's close friends.  He was a friend of Jake's too, and as a matter of fact introduced them to each other.  A full-time police officer, Brad has a handyman business on the side. When Kendall finds the perfect place for her bakery, Brad is the perfect choice to help her turn the place into a warm and charming bakery. Too bad Kendall considered him just a good friend.  Or did she? He has had strong feelings for her for years and yearns for her to see him as more than just that.  Jennifer Shirk weaves us through a simple and charming story of a woman’s  reawakening - not only of her passion for baking but also the stirrings of love for a long-time friend. The story is very predictable and readers don’t have to use their imagination too much to know how this romantic tale ends. But it is an easy and pleasant read, which leaves the reader hoping for a happy ending for Kendall and Brad. A great installment in the Maritime City Series!

Rose Mary Espinoza