Kissing Katie (His Girl Next Door #1)


Matt is between jobs, although it’s on purpose.  The burned-out lawyer is giving himself time to unwind and make the right decision on which job offer to choose. He decides to vacation in the house his grandparents used to own, the only place he ever felt at home. Twenty years ago, he and next-door neighbor, Katie, were always together. Widowed Katie now owns the house next door and works from home. Unable to fully move on, she’s thrilled to find her childhood best friend has come home, and their friendship is no longer going to be platonic.


Matt and Katie are wonderfully fleshed out and completely human characters. With flaws and strengths inherent in all, their long journey from childhood besties spending hours building castles and jumping in puddles, to lovers, will leave smiling faces on readers. Feelings on both sides run deep, beginning from old memories and continuing with the discovery of the adult version. This is a realistic yet heartwarming tale that will make anyone believe that there might be a second chance after heartbreak. There is a bit of a hiccup with the gravity of Katie’s stubbornness in not moving on from her late husband because, although the words are there for why, is doesn’t quite feel right. Following Matt and Katie as they relive their favorite places, foods, and activities in the beachside town, will remind anyone of the beauty of childhood, as their adult bodies can’t quite hold the sugar levels from their youth. Recovering a best friend, falling in love, and a beach: there isn’t anything better to warm a heart.


Julie York