Kiss Me, Katie


Small town Texan Katie McCoy is an up and coming fiddler and only female in the country band Sterling.  They have finally gotten their big break opening for big country star Blake Jackson on his summer tour. The last thing Katie expected was to find love as well as career success. 

Blake has been struggling to find a woman who can see him through the stardom and Katie throws him for a loop with her obvious talent, pretty face, and eyes that see right through him. But when their pressure cooker relationship gets too hot, things start to fall apart, and Katie is left hurt and broken hearted. Can Blake fix it or will he loose Katie forever?


Sweet and a little corny at times, Kiss Me, Katie is a delightful novella romance. Katie’s concerns are fairly legitimate and Blake is a real sweetheart with no idea what he’s doing, but still willing to try anyway. Sterling’s situation echoes that of many upcoming bands struggling to make it and Blake’s assistant will make the reader smile in agreement. The story has just enough passion in the romance to make it believable and funny side characters that push the relationship along between the hero and heroine. While lacking any particularly new plot themes, fans of music stars finding love will adore Tillery’s first book and sigh with a smile at the end!  


Sarah E Bradley