Kiss Me Kate (The English Brothers #6)


Kate English is perfectly happy with her life. She has a great job as legal counsel for her family firm, English & Company, her brothers and cousins are all happy, and she is in a sort-of relationship that could become something real. And then her brother makes a business deal with the Rousseau family. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if only Etienne Rousseau, the Rousseau’s legal counsel, wasn’t her first love - the one who swore he loved her and then abandoned her. 


Etienne isn’t too pleased about them working together either. Not only is there the history, but her cousin, Stratton had an affair with his longtime girlfriend. This was not going to be easy. It certainly doesn’t help that he can’t help but wonder if they could maybe, just maybe, become a couple.


A feel-good reunion romance! Their backstory was really sweet to read about, and their relationship in the present is just the icing on the cake. Kate and Etienne are a marvelous couple. True, they could have made their lives much easier with a bit more communication (the dratted big misunderstanding), but the book mostly pulls it off. Kate’s family is awesome, and seeing them interact was a delight. Checking out their stories is definitely something the reader will be tempted to do. All in all, a story that will leave the reader full of fuzzies!


Ana Smith