Kiss and Makeup (A Destination of Heart Romance, book 2)


Maddie and Connor met while on a cruise of Italy with some friends. Maddie thought Connor was suitable for a friend only, and never considered a romance with him. Fast forward to her going to London for work as a make-up artist on a movie set, and she is reunited with Connor. Except he has hopes to be more than just friends with Maddie, and has some serious plans to make it happen.

This is a light-hearted romance of choices, laced with interesting secondary characters and real descriptions of real London attractions. It is also clean with only mild kissing scenes. Readers will likely swoon over Connor for all his patience, planning, and thoughtful surprises. However, the story suffered some serious drawbacks. The internal dialogue with Maddie and Connor created a sluggish feel. The continual (will he/she want to move beyond friends?) becomes monotonous. Connor's reactions at times seems a bit over the top and inconsistent. And, both charaters show lack of depth by over analyzing and uncertainty.

Body parts are frequently used as adverbs, creating fun and comical sentences. Some sentences after the three-quarter mark failed to have periods. And lastly, there is the technical issue that realistically one cannot travel to England for temporary work, and decide to just stay indefinitely because they fell in love. Beyond those issues, the plot was good and the tours of London were very realistic, sure to make the reader want to pack their bags, buy a ticket and hope they can find a handsome British man of their own!

Emerson Matthews