Rachel Sirianni is excited for her first day at her new job, one she has been wanting for quite some time. Equinox Publishing, one of the best in New York has hired her but her first day, due to powers beyond her control,  she’s tardy and is instantly demoted. Since Rachel is barely making ends meet, she will need a second job to work around her publishing job. She finds a posting at the local coffee shop and decides to look into it. It’s here that Rachel first comes across Hottie McCoffeehouse; Joe, a 6 foot 5, all muscle hunk. There’s an instant red- hot chemistry  and an innate draw between the two as the universe proceeds to throw them together,  serendipity?  But, can their budding relationship survive the secrets each hold?

Samantha Anne sure can write a hot and steamy love story without anything more than some very sexy kissing and romantic dates! The strong female in this story proves her work ethic and does not tolerate being bullied by her superior. The kismet that pulls Rachel and Joe together is so powerful that readers will enjoy every single page of this delectable moral!  Kirby’s character was a total surprise and she definitely added to the drama and the roller coaster ride of love. This conservative romance is engaging, refreshing and allows the readers to use their imagination. This author should be added to the list of must reads!

Julie Caicco