King Stud


Danielle Jacobsen comes home to Seattle to make the much needed repairs to her grandma's old house, so she can sell it and get back to her life in California. Devoting the next three months to fixing her childhood home, Dani enlists the help of her best friend's younger brother, Ryan O’Connor. Now Dani is dealing with her unexpected attraction to Maeve’s ever-so-young and intensely seductive sibling. As she tries to do the right thing and not get involved, Dani has a laundry list of reasons she and Ryan can’t be together. With a nine-year age difference between them, Ryan’s ever-present ex girlfriend and Maeve’s disapproval of their burgeoning relationship, what’s a girl supposed to do?


“King Stud” has it all: sarcastic fun, sexy romance and real passion! Ms. Rancourt has written a thoroughly enjoyable read, with lively banter and sexual tension that is palpable. Although Dani’s initial reservations about the age difference between her and Ryan are understandable, her constant dwelling on it may cause the reader to find her behavior adolescent in nature. A true testament to "opposites attract", Dani and Ryan have off-the-charts chemistry. Dani is educated, professional and a "follow the rules" kind of girl. Ryan is a hardworking, fun-loving, blue-collar guy who has loved Dani from afar since he was nine years old. The reader will be counting down the days until the next installment of this captivating series! 


Chantel Hardge