Kilted Desire 2 – Russian Roulette


Scott MacLaren is back from a long dangerous stent in the Middle East and all he wants is to rest and be with the ones he loves. Why is it he can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to love and life?  Soon after his return, he learns not only has the love of his life betrayed him, but so has those he called friends.Not only that, but when Scott is asked to help out a family in need of protection for their son, he finds himself right back in the action he chose to get away from.  This time it may be more than he can handle, and may very well be the very end of him.... or his true beginning. 

With Special Forces action, secrets, passion, and guns a blazing, Author A.B. McKinley has given his readers an action packed thrill ride that sizzles with steam!  At times this story was lacking in depth and dimension with a few dry runs, but the written Scottish accent, combined with all the action, and adventure makes up for it for it’s shortcomings. This is book two in the “Kilted Desire” series and leaves the reader with an ending that is sweet and satisfying! 


Melody Prat