The Key to Love

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Jannette Jacobson, a socialite with a flair for rebellion, is a gifted, though struggling, young artist who uses collages over watercolors in a unique manner. Her collage paintings are displayed at Highland Hills Gallery, in Detroit, Michigan. The gallery is operated by Jannette's friend, Tiffany Mason, until Jannette is made aware of a less than appropriate relationship between Jannette's father and Tiffany. 

Stephen Paul Harmon is from the opposite side of town where nothing is handed to him and it is only with persevering, hard work and determination that his dream is becoming reality. Although Jannette is dressed to the nines and Stephan is handsome, their meeting is unmemorable as each presents a poor first impression.


Meg Mims develops a story with the typical handsome guy and the girl that comes off spoiled, ornery, and self absorbed. Stephen's only offense is his lack of appreciation for art and yet Jannette is unwilling to return what is rightfully his without a measure of romantic display. In this tale, Stephan's acts of chivalry and gestures elicit the rewards of love amidst awkward shifts and fragmented thoughts making the story feels abrupt and disconnected at times. Still, the story exhibits enough unique details and interesting development to hold the reader's interest, succeeding in being a nice romantic fix for the reader in search of a workday short during a coffee break or commute.


Erin Murdock